It's all about prints. Animal prints in snake, zebra, leopard and tiger, and ongoing trendy prints, like camouflage and checks. Let's take a closer look at the new FW19 collection.


For girls we start the season with a little bit of summer still in mind. Coral and neon colours keep our heads in the sun for just a little longer. The great thing about this collection, is that everything is combinable. Leggings, dresses, skirts, jackets, you name it. Even in the winter you can still wear these items, in combination with later collections. For boys, neon is also a big thing. As full colour or as accent.


Back to school? Back to the 80s! Start the school year with colour block, tartan, corduroy and velvet. Our items are nice, comfy and very combinable, so perfect for school, but also to play outside after school, chill on the couch or for a visit to grandma.


Throughout the whole season, animal print is very trending for girls. From snake early on in the season, to leopard, zebra and tiger later on. Even the llama is making an appareance in the collection. For boys camouflage is an ongoing trend.


We have a big denim collection coming up for girls. The flared jeans is new this season and we'll also see a lot of salopettes. A new statement in bottoms is print. Skirts and trousers are available in camouflage, zebra and leopard. Combine them with T-shirts and sweaters with the same (detail) prints. Our boys' jeans contain a lot of stretch, which make them perfect for running, dancing, ice skating and so much more.


Last season we've started with sport inspired suits for girls. This season we'll continue with this trend. For boys sport is still a big trend as well. From gym clothes to jogging suits, which can be worn to school as well. Also nice in combination with our new biker style denim. Cobalt blue, grass green and neon are the colours that we see a lot in this collection. Many sweaters, sweatpants, jackets and T-shirts for boys have a strip in trendy checks, stripes or texts.

OUTERWEAR OBSESSIONSAs the weather's getting colder, jackets get more important. The reversible jacket is a must-have. As its name suggests, the jacket is wearable on both sides. Camouflage and colour block are the favourites for boys. For girls we have options in colour block, checks, animal print and metallic details. New this season is a long reversible jacket for girls, with a soft side and animal printed side. Also a must-have: the cool red puffer jacket with matching puffer scarf. Boys will look great in the rain coat in camouflage print or the bodywarmers, which are new this season. Our all-time favourite, the parka, will be available for both genders.