Dress Up Thursday

Spring Summer Collection 2017

Office Playground

Did you know that adding fun on the work floor gets the creative juices flowing? Take a break, play a game of pool or have a chat with the new guy. Sometimes you just need to shake things up! And why not look sharp while you're at it? That's why we created Dress Up Thursday. This fancy brother of Casual Friday injects a bit of style into the modern working week.



It’s time to suit up!

Meet Dress Up Thursday, the fancy brother of Casual Friday. It’s the perfect day for injecting – even more - style into the modern working week. Bring your best to the table in a well-cut formal suit, that’s slim and sleek on the shoulders and has a shorter blazer length. Team it with one of our high quality shirts, woven by prestigious Italian weavers in one of the best mills in the world. And don’t forget to add the finishing touch - a perfect tie. Chances are you’ll still be wearing these favourites 3 promotions from now.