WE Fashion is a fashion brand, that offers stylish and accessible fashion collections of great quality for Men, Women and Kids. The mission of WE® is ‘Design to Connect’, which means that the perfectly combinable collections and the 5 star service should make customers feel stylish and confident, so that they connect better to those around them. It’s what we do, it’s in our name. WE® Believe in the power of ‘us’ and that life is best lived when connected and experienced together. That’s why our longstanding motto is ‘Better Together’.

The collections are available in the own stores, on wefashion.com and through many online partners. Omni channel initiatives like the WE IS ME® customer program, the WE Fashion app and the opportunity to order online in store with free shipping to the customers home, definitely brings the shopping experience to a higher level. With approximately 210 stores and 2500 employees WE Fashion is represented in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The international distribution center and headquarters of the organization are located in Utrecht.